Balance Psychology


Leanne met me at a time of personal crisis. Her ability to listen and get to the heart of the issues was amazing. i never felt judged, I always felt listened to and she gave me the tools to dig myself out of a really dark space. I now think differently, feel differently and instead of feeling hopeless and overwhelmed, I’m living again. She has changed my life.

I came to Leanne exhausted and anxious, but with her guidance I am more at peace than I have been in years. I now have the skills to stay afloat where I once felt I was drowning, and I can’t thank her enough.

It took me years to get up the courage to seek help but Leanne made me comfortable right from the first phone call.

Her friendly, conversational approach coupled with some great tools and practical advice have helped me to make some really positive changes in both my personal and professional life over the last few months. I wish I had started seeing her years ago!

Leanne has given me some great tools to help shift my way of thinking about, and my attitude, to my life.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from visiting a psychologist, and how much ‘success’ I could hope for. Leanne very quickly tapped in to what was going on for me, I felt completely in trust of her understanding of where I was coming from. Each visit we naturally found what I needed to discuss and work on.

Leanne’s methods helped to boil down and simplify what was going on in my life. The techniques she used to help me reframe my thoughts and attitudes created a massive shift for me, helped unstick some pretty repetitive thought processes and move sadness. I found her use of diagrams and written techniques really useful, both during our appointments, and as a takeaway so I could refresh and revisit what we discussed.

I was referred to Leanne Taylor Miller in September 2016 after being diagnosed with depression after what had been a tough 2 years personally for me. It was with some apprehension I called her I must admit just because of the fact I might have needed help.

My first appointment with Leanne was very intense but at all times she made me feel at ease with the situation and that what I was going through was quite normal. Subsequent visits with Leanne dove deeper into why I was depressed and then suggesting solutions to help my wellbeing.

While at no point did Leanne insist I take up her advice, it was all voluntary and up to me to make the commitment to change.Our sessions lasted around 3 months in which time I had made many small changes to my life which has made a huge difference to my wellbeing, my family and my friends. Six months on and I’m back at work engaging with people again and just happy to be alive and that is mostly due to my change of attitude and thought process which was kicked into life by Leanne.

I owe a huge amount of thanks to Leanne and have no hesitation in referring her services to anyone that was in my position. The key word there is WAS in my position and that says it all.

Leanne is fantastic – she is really personable and can ‘cut to the chase’ surprisingly quickly to pinpoint issues. She uses some great methods which are also practical. I’ve been referring her to friends ever since.

Having never been to a psychologist before I was pretty apprehensive about seeing Leanne. I had no reason to be nervous at all – Leanne is welcoming and empathetic and does an amazing job at making you feel like there’s always a solution. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me.

For the last few years, I’d been putting off dealing with several issues that had become prominent in my life. I felt they would be too large to handle, but they just kept getting larger and repetitive. Leanne not only gave me the confidence to deal with these issues face on, but consistently showed a high level of compassion for me throughout the process. And it wasn’t all tears, there was plenty of laughter throughout the sessions while she showed me effective tools to instantly apply. Every few weeks, Leanne would safely peel off another layer and replace the issues with effective tools that I’m still using today. Leanne is professional, intelligent, witty, and extremely compassionate – I would, and already have, recommend Leanne to anyone who is wanting to bring out the best in themselves.

With never-ending patience, Leanne has worked with me over several months to question and change some ingrained patterns of anxiety. She is always warm and compassionate, and can help untangle complex issues until they seem simple and straight-forward. Her explanations and working solutions have helped bring an entirely new perspective to problems, and encouraged me look at the world with a different lens. I would whole-heartedly recommend this therapy to anyone.